DeltaStrac’s goal is to be a trusted mission partner for our clients. We combine our subject matter expertise and professional capabilities with intimate understanding of Department of Defense and Federal sector operations to accomplish mission goals and promote value. We strive to provide a ‘quality difference’. Our core expertise are:

  • Project and Program Management: Acquisition Programs, Business and Clinical Enterprise Systems Management, Business Analysis and Re-engineering
  • Information Technology/Information Management Services: Operational and Enterprise level IM/IT services, network administration, systems administration, service desk operations and systems engineering support
  • Cybersecurity / Information Assurance (IA): IA operations, policy development, cybersecurity Assessment and Authorization

Phone:     301-337-0523

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DeltaStrac offers IA management services, operational IT security support, and project/program level IA engineering services

DeltaStrac, LLC
Consulting and Technology Services

Information Technology

DeltaStrac can provide full scope IM/IT technological services.

Project and Program Management

Successful projects and programs result from a  disciplined management process.